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Free Expression Arts Festival is the main event of the year, which offers a wide range of activities to suit all ages and abilities. However there will more workshops running over the year at the new Blandford Art Hub.


There are workshops not only over the year at the Blandford Art Hub but during the annual arts festival.  Take a look to see the full range of workshops, and if perhaps you would like to run one, then get in touch


We are always looking for interesting and diverse performances. From the  professional to those looking to showcase their work. We want to introduce people to different areas of the arts so get in touch if you think you can help with this and lets together celebrate the arts


There are lots of opportunities to learn new skills through volunteering. These can range from journalism, marketing, to stewarding or project management. We also offer a platform for new and emerging artists and performers to showcase their work.

How we help people

By offering opportunities, breaking down isolation, creating friendships, giving those on low income the chance to try things they would otherwise not be able to.

Its all about bringing together your community.

Important news from HQ


Free Expression Creative is a non profit group that primarily relies on fundraising to enable it to deliver the activities and events  for the community to enjoy.  If you want to support what we do your donation however big or small will be greatly appreciated








” Blandford so needs this. Its a wonderful contribution to the town “

A happy Blandford Resident

” We went to the festival thinking we would be just an hour or so and ended  up staying the whole day. “

A local Family

” I just came into town to get a pack of butter and next thing I knew I was  dancing in the streets. I hoped my husband did not get too worried wondering where I had got to.“

A Blandford Pensioner