About Us

We focus on delivering the arts to the community and creating platforms for established and emerging artists.

We are non profit team


Always striving for a vibrant community through the Celebration of the arts.

  • Giving employment & commissions to established artists,
  • inspiration & opportunity to emerging artists
  • and the opportunity for the public to watch ,experience and take part.

Our events are all inclusive, covering a wide range of styles, enabling us to introduce people to areas of the arts they may not have seen before.

Making great art and culture accessible to everyone to inspire and involve the community, and provide a platform to all artists.

To bring a bit of sparkle to the local communities

Kate Seeger -free Expression founder

“I have always loved the arts and events. I was first involved with Blandford Festival (which sadly stopped over 20 years ago), then Dorset Art Weeks, as Blandford co-ordinator. Then in 2005, as part of the Blandford Charter 400 celebrations, I created the first Free Expression Arts festival. This proved to be a popular event with very positive feedback. Blandford needs something like this, so I continue to create more events and opportunities because I can and people want it.  I am very confident that I can alway deliver truly unique wonderful events. “

The Website template came with the information in the box below.  Well I left it in because its good to have a goal and dream a bit. :-)



Wouldn’t that be wonderful.

Volunteers are very much needed



We are working on it…



Just Dorset for now,

But you never know….




With a little bit of help from you.

Our Volunteers –

This on the other hand is very much real and now

 The team is a rolling team, often changing from year to year.  If you would like to get involved then do email me,  
We always need more ….
Thanks to all those that have volunteered their time.    

On the day Volunteer

There’s always lots to do on any project/festival days and  tasks and times are varied so it can fit around you. Because we appreciate every little bit of help done by volunteers, however small.


Do you have a van or trailer?

For events happening in a town centre, means having to set up and set down very quick, this also involves transport to carry everything. We have the festival van and an estate car…BUT its just not enough.


Could this be you?

Commitee Member and Steering Group. Along with regular meetings you would also contibute towards developing the events,projects and its content and direction.

Do you have a flare for……

  1. Business and accounting?
  2.  Marketing?
  3.  Social Media?

If YES Then we would love to have you on board.