All you see is all we aspire too. Home Together we can reach our aspirations Give Blandford that little bit of sparkle.

Its all free, yet so much to see and do.

What makes this special?

A chance for all to have ago at different areas of creativity To watch and listen and  have a great day

Whats it all about ?

A dynamic and diverse community arts festival

Free Expression

A Great Day Out for all the family

Festival Partners

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Click here To download APPEAL      SHEET Thankyou To… Striving for a  Vibrant Community Would you, could you  help through sponsorship? Contact us if you can Every little bit helps.

Like all events of this kind there is the core team and then there are all the everyone elses.  And what a lot of everyone elses.  Here are just a few I would like to mention and to thank.  

" I have always loved the arts and events. I was first involved with Blandford Festival (which sadly stopped 16 years ago), then Dorset Art Weeks, for which I am still Blandford co-ordinator. Then in 2005, as part of the Blandford Charter 400 celebrations, I created the first Free Expression Arts festival. This proved to be a popular event with very positive feedback. Blandford needs something like this, so I am doing it again because I can and people want it. I have a fabulous team helping, with skill sets in theatre, music, art, schools. I am very confident that this will indeed be a truly wonderful event. "

 Kate Seeger (Festival Director)

Meet the Team.

...And a BIG thank you goes to

Our fondest memories to  - Esme Butler

We miss you….RIP 17/05/17

Blandford Town Museum - Sylvia Hickson-Andrews

 Nicci Brown -  Forum Focus & Arches Project

Blandford Parish Church of St Peter & St Pauls

Kate Seeger

Festival Director

“ The team is a rolling team, often changing from year to year.  If you would like to get involved then do email me,  

We always need more ….

Thanks to those that have volunteered their time.    Kate :-)  “

Free Expression Arts Festival aims to deliver a community led event celebrating the arts. Giving employment & commissions to established artists, inspiration & opportunity to emerging artists and the opportunity for the public to watch , experience and take part. An all inclusive event covering a wide range of styles enabling us to introduce people to areas of the arts they may not have seen before.

Julie Newell

Music Director


Becky Rodwell - the always there to help person

Could this be you….?

If its a yes, then please contact me…

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