Its no fool

Firstly I would like to welcome all to the new blog for free expression.

Although I have noticed its the 1st April,  this is no April fools joke.  Sadly we will be cancelling Free Expression Arts Festival 2020.  However its not solely down to the Covid 19 virus creating these uncertain times. So let me explain.  The 2019 event, other than help on the day was organised completely my self, Kate Seeger.  Anyone who has organised anything will know this is quite a big task, especially when its done on a voluntary level , fitting around work and family.  I have some help but not nearly enough and there has to be a guarantee that there will be 100% commitment from now until the day of the event. There is so much planning required starting months in advance.  And then the virus came along.

There is just too much uncertainty and I am not sure if I can do what I did last year.

Its not all bad though, I can not do what I did last year, not  because Its just too much work for me but its because it would be too much work for me to do along with the launch of the Blandford Art Hub , the other project we are embarking on.

Of course with this current lock down there maybe delays on that front but I hope we can still have a fun weekend of events instead of the festival.

So in many ways the arts festival  is still going ahead but just a mini version instead.

Thats all folks, stay safe, stay healthy and see you all when we can once more roam the streets and socialise. :-)