The battle is won

The Battle with the planners is won, well for now as its just temporary permission for 3 years. I guess its so they can see if the idea works and if I really can make the sheds look beautiful! I know not everyone can see my vision, but I feel confident that I can prove the doubters and cynics wrong.  This does mean the hard work really begins. Failing is not an option.

This week I can get truly stuck into the renovation of the sheds.  Its been a right scorcher so I am sorting all the roof and structure out.  Part of planning conditions is to put on a posh roof.  So I am getting it all ready and so far looking good, and no sprained muscles or broken bones.  I am doing this stage on my own, which is better as the shape, dimensions and ideas evolve as I build.  There is also still lots of collected bits of wood lying around. So it really is not the best environment for anyone to help me.  On the whole its fine but every now and then I have to move something that in truth is probably a bit heavy or safer if there were two. I am surviving though and I am also used to it, fingers crossed things will continue to go as planned.  Once all this is done then that is when I could do with the extra help. Anyway in the mean time I will plod on.  I have also  been finding some squatters in the shed! Rather big and hairy squatters which I need to evict but they are proving a little troublesome. They are certainly not every ones cup of tea….. (but I actually don’t mind them, but I promise they will be gone by the time the workshops start.)