All you see is all we aspire too. Home Together we can reach our aspirations Give Blandford that little bit of sparkle.

Its all free, yet so much to see and do.

What makes this special?

A chance for all to have ago at different areas of creativity To watch and listen and  have a great day

Whats it all about ?

A dynamic and diverse community arts festival

Free Expression

A Great Day Out for all the family

Festival Partners

Donations can be made here at

Click here To download APPEAL      SHEET Thankyou To… Striving for a  Vibrant Community Would you, could you  help through sponsorship? Contact us if you can Every little bit helps.

 Dorset forge & Fabrication                   

One of the forge workers creates the most amazing lifesize sculptures out of junk metal. We are privileged to have them agree to bringing one of their sculptures to our art exhibition.  You can see an example of their work an amazing horse that stands on the road to Sherbourne (from Stur Newton)

We are very excited to be the creators of this exciting art fair.  A great event for the in between years of Dorset Art Weeks.  The difference is getting the chance to meet the artists all in one place.  Blandford Forum is bang in the centre of Dorset so its ideally located as a central gathering point for all the amazing Dorset artists.

We will be putting together a brochure of all participating artists.

Just some of the artists taking part….