Blandford Forum




Dear Everyone who loves the arts or is curious about it,

I live in Blandford forum, Dorset, where there are limited creative events, yet its crammed full of creative people.

My plan to change this, is by creating Free Expression Arts Festival .

As I always say if something does not exist, or you can't get to something, then don't grumble, make it happen instead and make that something come to you.

In this case the arts, and there is so much with in the arts, guaranteed more than you would expect.

...and if its a success and supported by you, it will become a regular feature in the Blandford Diary. How good is that.

Like all things, it costs. That's why I am here asking for money to make this event happen and bring a little sparkle into the streets of Blandford.

I am collaborating with the Town Council who recognise the need for the arts in Blandford.

Its a free event, taking place all around the town, it will be full of free creative workshops for all to try as well as showing off other talent and linking in with The Dorset Art Fair .

This will truly make it a creative feast.

I feel if everyone can donate something in lieu of entrance and workshop fees we should have enough to make this a truly wonderful, creative and educational event.

So  …… thank you    :-) Kate Seeger