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A Quick Guide to

who’s taking part for 2018

With up to 9 creative workshops including  the return of Peter Rush and Shell North both allowing you the chance to get sculpting

Ever fancied a bit of Decoupage or wondered what it was?  Here is your chance

An action packed circus workshop with circus wessex, including the chance to try trapeze, check out the website  They are a community circus based in Salisbury and they have agreed to help us create Blandfords very own circus school. Exciting

Visit the science lab with slime & giant bubble making.

Each year we have free expressions homegrown creative fun including the mosaic, and the ever popular Doodle Fantastic, which is all about Drawing on the festival van.

Its rapid transformation from the evening before where it takes part in the carnival as a vessel for space pirates, a little bit of steampunk, mad max and cyborg & lots of creative thinking with  old engineering cast outs.  

Of course the best way to see it is to come down to the Blandford Carnival , taking place the evening before on Sat 8th around 7pm start time.

Returning to Sunday you have the chance to tap into  the age old energy of dance, through the magical art of Biodance.  Not sure what it is? Well here is your chance to find out . This workshop starts at 10.30  in the Town Hall, above the shambles(Corn Exchange) and is about 1 hour long and suitable for all, including complete beginners.  So give it ago and discover something new.

We also have Boogie Mites between 12 - 2pm. A local group for your little ones to explore rhythm and dance

For the more grown up rhythm makers,  we have the drumming workshop, this year its  with Junk, and feel free to bring down your own  found creation. Free Expression is all about recycling stuff after all, which is why we are starting Adopt a piece of plastic and make it an heirloom.  Come to the festival to find what it is all about.

Perhaps you prefer to delve into technology and computer fun, literally.  We have virtual reality with Blandfords new gaming venue Game on.  Is that creative I hear you say?  Did you know you can go into Minecraft and help build Blandford.  The basic layout is there it just needs a little creative touch.

Of course we can not forget The Art Fair a selection of quality artists in situ for you to not only see, buy original artwork but speak to them too.

Like the idea of getting creative on the body.  Get a bit of body art with Rozeenas’ Henna Tatoos and also Glitter me beautiful.,  and we always have a bit of facepainting  too.

The last &  final thing is the exhibition exploring , industry related science , space & engineering …

lets just say expect the unexpected…     

Feeling Hungry after all this creativity.  Well visit our pop up cafe/restaurant in Beres Yard, near the Victorian Gardens.  Food ranging from Burgers, Wraps, pizza, vegan food, ice cream curls, & bar.

See you all on the 9th Sept…

The 2018 Festival has taken shape…..