All you see is all we aspire too. Home Together we can reach our aspirations Give Blandford that little bit of sparkle.

Its all free, yet so much to see and do.

What makes this special?

A chance for all to have ago at different areas of creativity To watch and listen and  have a great day

Whats it all about ?

A dynamic and diverse community arts festival

Free Expression

A Great Day Out for all the family

Festival Partners

Donations can be made here at

Click here To download APPEAL      SHEET Thankyou To… Striving for a  Vibrant Community Would you, could you  help through sponsorship? Contact us if you can Every little bit helps. Other than that watch this space to see   What’s On...... Special award to the oldest street performer.

*Do you love performing? Well we want you, lots of you to perform  & do your thing.

it could be music, maybe dance or a bit of poetry, perhaps some theatre or chalk pavement creations.

Its your chance to celebrate your talent and share it with the rest of us.

Do get in touch if you want to know more, and be included on the website.  

But there is nothing stopping you from just turning up on the day.

   We also feel there are not enough of, shall we say, the older generation of street performers.  

Its time to remind those youngsters life is not over just because we have a few more wrinkles & grey hairs.  

We were all young once.   As I say to my kids “my body maybe getting older but my heart is still young”.

I would like to


Take part


 to help make this festival an even better and more vibrant event

Who's taking part


We are always in need of volunteers to help out on the the day.  Please get in touch if you are interested.


give a little

by visiting the

 Donate page.

Thank you so much

#StoneCarving Free-Expression Host to….

Dear Everyone who loves the arts or is curious about it………

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 Well its been another amazing event for 2018. Although the weather started out moody and windy by the end of the day we had fabulous sunshine. The format changed slightly , keeping it in the town centre. For many it included the discovery of Beres Yard, a little gem within Blandford. Take a look at our 2018 photos in our Gallery.  If you have a great photo send it to us and we will include into our gallery. So thank you to our photographers. And of course to all those that helped with the day.

Planning has started for 2019

and we have the dates

Sun  15th Sept

*Our Aim   

For all workshops and events to be free or low cost.

However this will depend on us raising the funds.  The way I see it, if every one in Blandford  

or who plans  to visit gave just a  couple  of pounds  in lieu of tickets  then we will reach our  target