And so 2022 begins

And so 2022 begins….


Well it’s 2022 and I hope that this New Year will be better than the last. The Blandford Art Hub will finally be happening, but not until May. 

We did run some workshops last August, in part a break from renovation work but also to assess how the space works. 

Unfortunately there is still  lots of renovation work to do at the shed but it’s just me so rather slow progress, I am no spring chicken or master builder.  I keep plodding on, but there is light at the end of the tunnel.  I will also take this opportunity to confess that I struggle with this blog and keeping folks updated with progress. 

So where am I at now? Well I am both excited, but also scared…..


 What if I fail?   


Will I finish the shed in time and will the community and planning like what I have done to it? 


Will people take part in the workshops, and can I generate enough funds to keep the project going?


I will stay positive and in the meantime try and get my head around hinges and getting doors and windows to hang straight. Not so easy when both building and ground are not on the level and nothing is quite square!


This nicely leads me to my phrase for this year, which is:- 


Perfectly Imperfect. 


Lets celebrate our imperfections 



all that is not quite perfect.

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Workshops start in August

Workshops start in August …..

Although the renovation work is not yet complete or that we have a full programme of events, we really wanted something this year.  What we have managed is a series of workshops giving a small taster of things to come.

We also want guest artists so If you are a creative and would like to run a workshop for next year do get in touch.

Over winter I will be busy not only finishing shed renovations but booking a full schedule of events and workshops and a of course a proper launch Party.

For now what we are doing

  • A series of Creativ8 workshops run by art teacher Mel Bennett.  These will be introductory lessons to different art techniques.  Perfect if you are just starting out or would like to learn.
  • Therapeutic Art, run by Becky Booth.  These workshops will exploring the therapeutic value of art and how to use it to de stress unwind and improve your general sense of well being.
  • Free Drop Ins & Wombling Fun.  Open to all no set programme its just about getting creative.  Either take part on one of the art hub projects or bring your own or get some ideas.
  • Kids Fun, run by me, Kate.  Workshops for the summer holidays that will also become  an after schools club during term time. We will be starting the Wombles club, having Messy Art, and in general lots of fun.  We have a few spaces where children over 8 can be ‘ Parent Free ‘. Kate is fully CRB checked and has a background in working with children as a youth worker, teaching assistance and working for social services.  Its all a little spontaneous this year but that is all part of the fun.
  • Learning to Look.  This workshop is also run by me.  suitable for all ages and in particular to those that think they do not have a creative bone in their body, because you do lots of them.  We will go for a walk and look at what’s around us. looking at colour, shape, patterns, textures and details that normally you may have missed.  Then we will go back to the studio and put some of what we’ve seen into your very own piece of creation, whether a picture, collage, sculpture.  Let what you have seen guide you.


If you would like to see what we have on offer this summer or book then either go to

the BHub page on our website, or

directly to our BOOKING PAGE and BOX OFFICE


We are very excited that things are starting to take shape  :-)

Please share the good news Blandford is getting creative.




The battle is won

The Battle with the planners is won, well for now as its just temporary permission for 3 years. I guess its so they can see if the idea works and if I really can make the sheds look beautiful! I know not everyone can see my vision, but I feel confident that I can prove the doubters and cynics wrong.  This does mean the hard work really begins. Failing is not an option.

This week I can get truly stuck into the renovation of the sheds.  Its been a right scorcher so I am sorting all the roof and structure out.  Part of planning conditions is to put on a posh roof.  So I am getting it all ready and so far looking good, and no sprained muscles or broken bones.  I am doing this stage on my own, which is better as the shape, dimensions and ideas evolve as I build.  There is also still lots of collected bits of wood lying around. So it really is not the best environment for anyone to help me.  On the whole its fine but every now and then I have to move something that in truth is probably a bit heavy or safer if there were two. I am surviving though and I am also used to it, fingers crossed things will continue to go as planned.  Once all this is done then that is when I could do with the extra help. Anyway in the mean time I will plod on.  I have also  been finding some squatters in the shed! Rather big and hairy squatters which I need to evict but they are proving a little troublesome. They are certainly not every ones cup of tea….. (but I actually don’t mind them, but I promise they will be gone by the time the workshops start.)



Its no fool

Firstly I would like to welcome all to the new blog for free expression.

Although I have noticed its the 1st April,  this is no April fools joke.  Sadly we will be cancelling Free Expression Arts Festival 2020.  However its not solely down to the Covid 19 virus creating these uncertain times. So let me explain.  The 2019 event, other than help on the day was organised completely my self, Kate Seeger.  Anyone who has organised anything will know this is quite a big task, especially when its done on a voluntary level , fitting around work and family.  I have some help but not nearly enough and there has to be a guarantee that there will be 100% commitment from now until the day of the event. There is so much planning required starting months in advance.  And then the virus came along.

There is just too much uncertainty and I am not sure if I can do what I did last year.

Its not all bad though, I can not do what I did last year, not  because Its just too much work for me but its because it would be too much work for me to do along with the launch of the Blandford Art Hub , the other project we are embarking on.

Of course with this current lock down there maybe delays on that front but I hope we can still have a fun weekend of events instead of the festival.

So in many ways the arts festival  is still going ahead but just a mini version instead.

Thats all folks, stay safe, stay healthy and see you all when we can once more roam the streets and socialise. :-)