Young Blood New Blood Prize

We are always very excited about the art exhibition, a new addition to the art fair, which runs over both Saturday and Sunday in the Parish Rooms (near the Blandford Post Office).

This exhibition includes the best entries to the Young Blood New Blood Prize, for new and emerging artists (all ages welcome).

We accept all areas of the visual arts, including video, as long as it can be exhibited we would love to hear from you.

If you would like to take part please complete the questions on the application form and send it to us with an image of your work to:

a7 Tree home arts

Congratulations to last years winner

Rebeka from Treehome Arts

for being our first Young Blood New Blood winner.



Thankyou also to Guggleton Farm Arts for contributing to the prize by offering the winner an amazing exhibition opportunity.

A Blandford School Creation for the 2017 festival. 
Paint on Fabric

A Blandford School Creation for the 2017 festival.
Paint on Fabric

Please fill in the application form below. To be emailed to along with an attached image to

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